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The Bridge

Bridgetown Bridge

Bridgetown Office (1233 SW 10th Ave.)
Every Thursday
7:00 PM

Westside Bridge

Building T
Every Tuesday
6:30 PM

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Who we are.

It's the college age—questioning purpose, seeking direction, waiting for vision, searching for a spouse, gaining responsibility, fighting anxiety, and wanting to simplify. College age people (18-26) are an integral part of the A Jesus Church community. The Bridge is designed to help our generation make a successful transition from high school to mature, godly adulthood. The college age generation is no longer the emerging church, because today, it is the church.

What we do.

We gather to hang out, study the Scriptures, discuss life, worship, and eat a meal together. We also have Bridge getaways planned throughout the year. These are trips where we leave town, hang out, and relax.