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Cove Palisades Camping

High desert camping at its finest. We will be camping at Cove Palisades State Park on Lake Billy Chinook. We will be occupying three group sites allowing all 75 of us to camp comfortably. Mornings and evenings will be spent worshiping God and studying the scriptures amidst the beautiful Central Oregon backdrop.

Activities include: hiking, water skiing, fishing, and golfing. Cost includes food and lodging.

Date: May 15-18
Capacity: 75
Cost: $70

Nehalem Bay Camping

You never know what kind of weather we can get--but it certainly makes for lots of laughs and lasting memories. We will be camping at Nehalem Bay, where hot showers, a swimming pool, and a hot tub will be available. In the evenings, we will share stories and open the scriptures next to the campfire.

Activities include: surging, fishing, crabbing, golfing, and hiking. Cost includes food and lodging. RV spots available upon early request for an additional $15.

Date: September 11-14
Capacity: 75
Cost: $70


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Who we are.

A Jesus Church’s heart is to connect men together to build meaningful relationships within the church. By centering every Heritage event on the teaching of the Scriptures and fellowship, we aim to create an environment where our men connect with Jesus for instruction and encouragement in their daily lives.

What we do.

We link men shoulder to shoulder to build Godly friendships that will enable them to grow as leaders in their home, in their church, in their business, in their community, in recreation and wherever else God takes them.

423 Men

A Jesus Church wants to help men break the addictive cycle of sexual sin. Confidential groups of men gather weekly to honestly discuss and pray for purity. Contact us confidentially at: